Dare Underestimate the Lightness of Her Feathers

Dare Underestimate the Lightness of Her Feathers

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Babe, you were born to stand out. You live life by your own rules. Success for you is measured in happiness. Your wardrobe isn't determined by the latest trends. Nothing about you is conventional.

Sipping your morning coffee, you carefully plan your outfit for the day from your jewelry to your shoes because it's all in the details.

You're going to set this world on fire, so keep smashing that glass ceiling and make a powerful statement with these earrings that are sure to be the star of any look. Let the world know: underestimate me if you dare.
  • Measures: 3” x 1" (9 cm x 2.5 cm)
  • Hand-painted titanium using a magical technique of creating color by manipulating light
  • Durable and lightweight for comfortable all-day wear
  • Colors won’t fade or change over time 
  • Each piece is uniquely hand-painted and an original work of art. Once it's gone there are no others exactly like it!


This isn't a crush; it's love. We want you to cherish your jewelry for many years to come. Each piece is backed by our quality guaranteeLearn more about caring for your piece.

*Please note, the color comes from a reflection of light and can vary depending on the surrounding light source.

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