Our Story

Radiance & Romance is a place to celebrate you, to embrace all the imperfectly perfect parts that make up you. We believe your beauty is radiant. It comes from deep within your soul. 

With grace and elegance, you defy conventionality and break down barriers every day. Each piece is inspired by your strength and femininity. Beautiful and sophisticated, it’s not trendy and won’t go out of style but it’s something unexpected. You can wear it to your friend’s funky gallery opening one night and to your cousin’s traditional black-tie wedding the next day. It’s that little touch that makes you feel unique and confident to let your true self sparkle. 

You have found a place that speaks to you and knows your style, a place where when you buy a pair of earrings and know it won’t look like anything anyone else has. And when you go out into the world you can be sure to often hear, “Oh, I love your earrings! Where did you get them?” You won’t look like the masses, you will look like you and you will look beautiful.

The Artist

Behind the Work

The designs stem from Lauren's love of merging the feminine and masculine by transforming an industrial material, titanium, into organic forms such as flowers and feathers, to form elegant works of art that radiate the wearer’s natural beauty. Finding inspiration in the tiniest organic anomalies that formulate the larger beautiful world, Lauren develops new pieces inspired by the exploration of materials and her love of nature. She believes in appreciating the little things in life and all the beauty that is in everyone.


Inspired by natural forms, vintage lace patterns, and her imagination, Lauren carefully refines each design through a series of sketches and 3D models.


Lauren fabricates all the pieces in small batches in her Brooklyn studio out of titanium, wood, and silver. From cutting the titanium to making the earring wires, clasps, and rivets she believes in adding the perfectly imperfect touch of hand in everything.


Using just electricity, water, and a paintbrush, Lauren creates a thin oxide on the surface of the titanium that interferes with light tricking our eyes into seeing colors. The pieces are all hand-painted, even though there isn’t actually any paint involved, making them each an original work of art.

The Commitment

We believe together we have the power to make a kinder and more conscientious world. We're in favor of quality over quantity and want to make sure you have a piece of art that you can love and treasure forever. Every piece is made with hypoallergenic, nickel-free sterling silver and titanium. They are lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear. We work hard to reduce our impact on the environment and use ethically and sustainably sourced materials whenever possible. Jewelry is shipped in predominately recycled/recyclable packaging.

Our quality guarantee: All items are made by me, Lauren, with great care and attention to detail. Making jewelry is a labor of love for me and I hope you'll find the same joy and love in each piece as I did making it. I believe jewelry is a sentimental and intimate purchase so if for any reason you have a problem with your product, please contact me.

I do repairs on material defects within one year from purchase. If your piece needs to be repaired, please email lauren@radianceandromance.com. All shipping costs on items for repair are the responsibility of the customer.



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