Jewelry Care Guide

A little love goes a long way! Handling your piece with care will keep it looking bright and beautiful for many years to come. When not wearing, it is best to keep it in a box or pouch to prevent scratches. The color can get scratched. Keep away from household chemicals or solvents and avoid contact with perfumes, hairsprays, and lotions. Remove jewelry before showering or swimming. 

The color on your piece can get dull as you wear it due to dirt and oil built up on the surface. Not to worry! This is only a result of the reflection of light being blocked and is easily fixed with some warm soapy water and a soft cloth.* Depending on how often you wear your piece, we recommend cleaning every couple of weeks or so to keep it looking bright and good as new. 

*If your piece contains wood, be careful not to submerge in water and wipe only the metal part with a damp cloth.



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